Partnerships and Resources

We have partnered with organizations that help our stakeholders improve their effectiveness and efficiency. We invite you to explore the services and products these groups offer: 

Employer Solution Partners

PinkalooAmerica's Charities and Pinkaloo have partnered to bring a new giving and engagement solution, Modern Giving, to employers of all sizes and donors who want control over their philanthropy. Modern Giving is designed to help employers grow their workplace giving programs and social impact while giving employees exactly what they want – a way to donate to charities and causes that matter to them whenever, however, and wherever they want. America’s Charities' world-class service and support paired with Pinkaloo's cutting-edge technology help employers and their donors meet their giving and social impact goals. Read the press release about our strategic alliance here. Learn more about our America's Charities Modern Giving solution, powered by Pinkaloo, here.

America's Charities manages the entire back-end funds management process for businesses—charity vetting, donation processing, financial reporting, matching gifts, and much more—complementing SmartSimple's Engage front-end CSR software. This new full-scale software + service solution helps companies stop focusing on the many small tasks that comprise each giving, engagement, and CSR program and instead focus on what really matters: building culture, supporting communities, and changing the world. Read our announcement here and learn more about SmartSimple’s Engage software plus America’s Charities complete funds management services, which can be used together or separately, here.

America's Charities Simply Giving Solution powered by StratusLIVEAmerica’s Charities has partnered with StratusLIVE, a leader in cloud-based software for nonprofits, to provide an employee giving solution designed for employers interested in a simple, out-of-the-box solution for providing employees an exceptional giving experience. Our new Simply Giving solution, built on StratusLIVE, is cost-effective, easy to set-up and manage, and features multiple giving options, real-time campaign monitoring and analytics, responsive design, and much more. Read our press release here and learn about our new platform enhancements here.

Nonprofit Member Discount Partners

COGENCY GLOBALAmerica's Charities and COGENCY GLOBAL have partnered to provide America’s Charities’ nonprofit members discounts on COGENCY GLOBAL's charitable solicitation registration and renewal services, sales tax exemption services, statutory representation, and state corporate compliance services. Find details of the discounted services here

Double the DonationAmerica's Charities and Double the Donation have partnered to provide America’s Charities’ nonprofit members steep discounts to Double the Donation's matching gifts products. Some products are completely free to America's Charities members; others are deeply discounted. Learn more here

Verified VolunteersAmerica's Charities' partnership with Verified Volunteers enables our nonprofit members to vet volunteers more safely, easily, and cost-effectively - at a discount. Other benefits include better fundraising opportunities, convenient aggregation of their fundraising results, brand and message amplification, and the ability to tap into broad expertise within America’s Charities and across the nonprofit sector. Learn more here

Whole WhaleAmerica's Charities has teamed up with Whole Whale to offer an exclusive discount for members of America's Charities to access quality training on topics like Google Adwords, social media, Google Analytics, and impact hacking for free a $450 value! This discount will help members build a data culture to multiply digital impact and make more informed decisions that contribute to their nonprofit's growth and success. Learn more here.

Strategic Alliances

The Everyday Philanthropist ActAmerica's Charities supports The Everyday Philanthropist Act (H.R. 4002), a legislative bill that would establish the Flexible Giving Account (FGA), a pre-tax payroll deduction for employee giving that would benefit employee donors, employers, and charities alike. The Everyday Philanthropist Act, backed by America's Charities, the Greater Give, and others, seeks to empower everyday philanthropists to give back. Learn more here

America’s Charities is a partner of Kaptivate, a management consulting firm that simplifies complex challenges confronting workforce and consumer engagement. They transform strategic vision into a game-changing reality. 

EAFs presented America's Charities and U.S. Center of Commerce FoundationAmerica’s Charities has partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, a leading resource for businesses dedicated to making a difference, to offer Employee Assistance Funds (EAFs) to employers who want to support their employees in times of distress and hardship. Also known as an Employee Relief Fund or Employee Crisis Fund, an EAF helps employees recover more quickly, demonstrates a company's care for its employees and commitment to their well-being, and provides co-workers with an opportunity to help their colleagues. Read more about our EAFs here.

America's Charities Board Director-Affiliated Resources

CDSCustom Development Solutions (CDS) is a full-service fundraising consulting firm specializing in the strategic planning and tactical execution of capital campaigns for nonprofits large and small. Click here to learn about the four essential elements of a capital campaign.

Other Recommended Resources

The following are organizations that provide trusted services to the stakeholders of social change -- nonprofits, employers, and employee donors: