Is Your CSR Impact Reporting Agile Enough for What Lies Ahead?

Is Your CSR Impact Reporting Agile Enough for What Lies Ahead

When reflecting on the events of 2020, the word that leaps to many of our minds is “unprecedented.” From the crippling COVID-19 pandemic to the calls for justice and equity heard across the United States, companies have had to absorb a number of unprecedented shocks to the way they do business, and the way they carry out their mandate of corporate citizenship. Many organizations have shifted their missions to respond to the ongoing crises—for example, by directing funds toward addressing employee hardship, improving digital education, or advancing advocacy work.

Amid all this turbulence, one thing certainly hasn’t changed: the need for clear, evidence-based reporting on your corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. You already know that your company—like all companies—is facing heightened scrutiny by an increasingly well-informed public. Social-impact consultants suggest that the decisions companies make during this difficult time “will define their legacy tomorrow,” and that a new era of "corporate social justice" may overturn the old models of CSR. The stakes are higher than ever. The world is watching.

As we look ahead to 2021, our new word seems to be “unpredictable.” Corporations continue to grapple with enormous uncertainty: How long will the pandemic last? Will our priorities continue to be upended, or will we be able to drive meaningful, lasting change? How can we map out a CSR strategy that’s flexible enough to meet whatever challenges lie ahead?

In this article, America's Charities' partner, SmartSimple, outlines how your company can be agile enough to respond quickly to change, and effectively communicate the impact your corporate citizenship initiatives are having in your community and around the globe.

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