Your Company is Socially Engaged, But Do Your Employees Even Know?

distracted employee

By Ryan Scott

Another year, another grim report on employee engagement.  Gallup’s 2013“State of the Global Workplace Report” reveals that only 13% of employees are engaged at work.  

That abysmal number is undoubtedly related to the fact that, according to a different study, only 42% of employees know their organization’s vision, mission, and values.  That same report found that management transparency is the top factor when determining employee happiness.

Amongst other business “fails” resulting from this sort of a wide engagement gap, unengaged employees do not create engaged customers.  As your company’s best brand ambassadors, your employees need to feel continually connected to the best vision of what your business can be in order to convey those principles to the world at large.  The ideals that you pursue with your corporate philanthropy are an important part of this ongoing conversation with your employees.

So how are you conducting this conversation?  And are your employees even listening?

If you’re like many companies, your corporate communications focuses on your community far more than your employees.  And when you do talk to your employees, you’re relying more on email and company intranets than the social media platforms where your employees are actually “living.”  

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