The World Cup Helps Wish Kids Open New Chapters in Their Lives

The World Cup Helps Wish Kids Open New Chapters in Their Lives

The sport goes by many names. In some countries, it’s soccer. In others, it’s some variation on “football.” In Italy, they call it il calcio - literally, “the kicking.” Some just call it “The Beautiful Game.” Whatever its name in your part of the world, though, it’s beyond question that the World Cup is sport’s greatest celebration.

It is truly a global event, from Sacramento to Sarajevo to Sydney. Players put aside their club rivalries for a once-every-four-years chance at bringing the FIFA World Cup Trophy to their home country.

More than 50 kids with life-threatening medical conditions wish to go to the World Cup in Brazil. They share the same vision for life at its best - they are perfect reflections of the soccer universe that will turn its eyes to Brazil this summer. They are different in so many respects, but unite in a way that transcends any other boundary.

Some have waited years for this opportunity, and the journeys that led them to their wish experiences are as varied and diverse as the players who will represent their countries.

During the tournament, Make-A-Wish will share the stories of some of the kids who wished to go to the World Cup. You’ll get a chance to see the spectacle through their eyes.

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