Why Few Baby Boomers are into Volunteering

Teacher with students

Baby Boomers are deemed as a vital part of the volunteer sector. Those who are aged 55 and above are born at a time where their age can be used as an advantage now.  According to recent statistics about volunteering in the United States, the number of Baby Boomer volunteers is taking a dip. Let’s take a look at some reasons why.

The main reason why Boomer volunteers are decreasing by the number is that they have not really found volunteering opportunities that would match their preferences and that would require them to make use of their skills and talents. A survey conducted by Volunteering in the United States revealed that the most popular way of volunteering among Americans aged over 55 is “collecting, preparing, and distributing or serving food.” This is followed by “providing professional or administrative assistance, including serving on a committee or board.” These results go to show that Boomers like to provide meaningful assistance when volunteering.

The good news is that government agencies and nonprofit organizations are starting to act on these survey results. In fact, skills-based volunteering has been directed to Boomers. It has become apparent to both the government and the nonprofit sectors that there is a need for them to create something rewarding and fulfilling that would be built on the Boomer’s talents and skills.

Boomers are said to be well-suited for skills-based volunteering. They just haven’t found the perfect opportunity yet.

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