Why Corporate Philanthropy Is a Key to Employee Engagement

By Adam Weinger

We’ll get right to it: Studies have shown that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by more than 200 percent. Two hundred percent!

Forbes recently published an article that said engaged employees are better producers, more committed to the organization, and are in their career with long-term ambitions. The article went on to cite an employee engagement study: “Level of engagement was more important in achieving good performance than good performance was in creating better engagement.”

Put simply, employees who are engaged in their work do better work.

Traits of engaged employees: A snapshot

  1. Enthusiasm: Employees are enthusiastic about their job, the company, and the company’s mission.
  2. Inspired and motivated: Employees are motivated to work hard and effectively, and inspired by the company to make their community a better place.
  3. Empowered: Employees feel empowered by their colleagues and supervisors to take on meaningful roles within the company.
  4. Confidence: Employees have confidence that their work is making a difference.

What drives employee engagement?