Through a Mother’s Eyes

Through a Mother’s Eyes

It always delights us to hear from Give Kids The World's wish families after their trip to the Village. This wish mom takes a step back and shares her unique perspective on her family’s wish trip.

By Adrianne Philion

I learned that horrible challenges affect children without discrimination. We met families of different races and from many nations, families from all different economic situations, tiny children and teenagers. Never have I seen such a beautiful display of what it means to truly love and be loved.

Forever etched in my memory is the image of a dad with tattoos all over his body struggling slightly as he swam around the pool holding his teenage daughter so she could play Marco Polo with her little brother. I met a little boy named Caleb; he got to be a knight for a day and lit up the world with a very faint smile. Another little two-year old was frightened of the water and clung tightly to his mom. His mom, with all the love in the world, held him just as tight.

We met a family whose sons are named Zach and Brycen. Zach is fighting a life-threatening illness for a second time, yet his smile never leaves his face. I watched as a young man, about 17, wrote his name on a star that will forever hang in the star tower.

I stood back and was amazed as volunteer after volunteer fell in love with children they will know for less than a week. There were young “typical teenage” volunteers who are anything but typical.

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