Teen Mom Realizes Turning Point at Boys Town Washington D.C..

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It’s difficult enough being a single teenage mother in a healthy home setting.

But with the odds stacked against her, 17-year-old Stacia faced losing not only her baby daughter but also her own future.

Stacia had been diagnosed with various mental health disorders and had spent time in a treatment facility for aggression before her daughter was born. The also teen had fallen behind in school and rarely went to her classes. Her mother and other family members had struggled to help Stacia cope with her problems, but with little success. Then, another blow – the family had to move out of their apartment and temporarily live in a homeless shelter.

Stacia wanted to be a good mom and give her baby the best care. But she didn’t know how and she didn’t know where to look for help.

That’s when Boys Town Washington D.C. entered the teen’s life.

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