Switching Workplace Giving Providers: Your Guide for Choosing a New Partner for Your Employee Giving and Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Switching workplace giving vendors: your guide for choosing a new partner for your employee giving program

You're not new to workplace giving. You know how important it is to your employees to work for a company where giving and volunteering is supported and you understand how much nonprofits rely on your team's support to tackle tough issues and improve the world around us.

However, you're at a crossroads now. Whether you aren't satisfied with your current provider's level of service or your organization’s program has matured and you need a partner who can fully address the range of employee engagement, workplace giving, and grants management products and programs your company has worked tirelessly to build, America’s Charities can help you transition from your existing program and make that process as seamless and successful as possible so you can keep the momentum going.

Ready to Move Forward?

Changing providers and platforms is a multi-step effort that involves soliciting bids, reviewing proposals, interviewing candidates, making your selection, negotiating a deal, and getting approval from your top executives.

America's Charities' guide, "Switching Workplace Giving Providers: Your Guide for Choosing a New Partner for Your Employee Giving Program," is designed to help you navigate this process so you can make a smart, informed choice — and so you can be fully aware of how to prepare to make the transition once you make that selection.

And of course, we hope you will consider America's Charities as you begin this process. We have more than 40 years' experience in this field and have helped many employers like yours make the transition between workplace giving partners. As a result, our clients have cut costs, scaled resources, and increased their results. We welcome the opportunity to chat with you about the challenges you're facing and ways our team can help. Call or email us anytime at 703.674.5358 or businessdevelopment@charities.org, or click here to request a demo.