Support Hungry Kids During This Crisis & Beyond

No Kid Hungry

America’s children need you now more than ever. 

1 in 4 kids in our country may face hunger this year because of the pandemic. With parents out of work and school cafeterias closed, too many children don’t have the food they need to learn, grow and simply be kids.

But you can change that.

When you become a recurring, workplace donor with No Kid Hungry, you’re providing a foundation to help feed these kids. In fact, every $10 you donate can connect a child with up to 100 meals.

A sustaining gift means funds that No Kid Hungry can count on to invest in their work, sending grants to local schools and community organizations feeding children, providing expert guidance to these groups, bringing kids’ voices to leaders and lawmakers, and raising awareness about childhood hunger. 

No Kid Hungry is Here to Help from No Kid Hungry on Vimeo.

You’re supporting children nationwide, like 10-year-old Julien and 4-year-old René Javier in Texas. Both their mother, Elena, and father lost their jobs because of the pandemic and have worried about losing their home. 

But No Kid Hungry sent an emergency grant to their local school district to help feed kids like Julien and René Javier.

“This program provides good food so the kids won’t go hungry,” Elena said. “It’s got vitamins and other nourishing things included, so they can continue concentrating on their studies, get ahead in life and grow up to be better off than my husband and I.”

You can help ensure that countless children get three healthy meals a day during and beyond this crisis. In a time of food lines and empty pantries, you can make all the difference.

As Darcey, a mother in New York said to donors, “The worst thing in the world is to have to worry about how you're going to feed your family. To take that weight off is huge, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Support No Kid Hungry with your workplace giving today.

$1 can provide up to 10 meals. Meal equivalency varies during COVID-19 relief. Learn more at