Superheroes Unite to Protect the Future of Children Diagnosed with Cancer

CureSearch Superhero Day

 “Your child has cancer” – it’s the worst news a parent can hear. For some families, this heartbreaking news comes just months after their son’s or daughter’s birth – like in the case of little 2-month old Ava. For others, life is going great for years and then suddenly it’s  turned upside down – like in the case of 10-year old Grace.

As devastating as this news is, the 43 children who are diagnosed with cancer each day are true superheroes – and their sidekick family members and friends are incredible supporters. They travel miles to see specialists and endure rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and other treatments. Despite their positive attitudes and endless treatments, 1 out of 8 children with cancer will not survive.

Childhood cancer continues to be the #1 disease killer of children, and in the last 20 years, there have only been four cancer treatments specifically developed and approved for children.

On National Superhero Day – April 28 – you can be the ultimate sidekick and help superheroes defeat cancer, once and for all.

How to be the Ultimate Sidekick:

Support CureSearch for Children’s Cancer, a nonprofit whose goal is to protect the future of children diagnosed with cancer by delivering better, less toxic treatments. By supporting CureSearch’s work, you can help make treatment possible and cures probable for children with cancer – click here to see their impact so far.

Support CureSearch for Children’s Cancer on National Superhero Day by:

  1. Donating on their website,
  2. Joining a Superheroes Unite event near you, or
  3. Holding an employee giving campaign at your company.

Need Help Setting Up Your CureSearch Superheroes Unite Employee Giving Campaign?

As CureSearch's workplace giving partner, America’s Charities can help your company feature CureSearch in your employee giving program through our workplace giving solutions – Simply Giving or America’s Charities powered by Causecast. If you are already a client of America’s Charities, simply contact your account manager and let us know you would like to run a campaign supporting CureSearch and we will help you get set up.

Here’s an example of how you can unite employees around this important cause through an employee giving campaign:

CureSearch Superhero Day