Share the American Dream: The JA Education Gateway

Every generation has had its own idea of the American Dream. For some, it meant a secure job that could provide for home and family. For others, it was a rewarding career or starting a business. For today's generation, it could be as simple as "being happy."

Regardless of how the American Dream is defined, "opportunity" and the "ability" to take advantage of it are critical to achieving a better life. With a global economy driven by 21st century skills; technological innovation happening at an unprecedented level; and a growing need for science, math and other STEM skills in today's workplace, achieving the American Dream is becoming a greater challenge for today's young people. The opportunity cost is being felt in every aspect of our society.

To address this challenge, Junior Achievement (JA) is developing the JA Education Gateway, a comprehensive initiative that merges JA's proven volunteer-based delivery model with the latest technology to create a blended learning environment that provides a relevant, responsive and innovative portfolio of learning experiences.

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