Pro Bono Week: A Time For Skills to Shine

skills based volunteer

By Ryan Scott

What’s so special about pro bono?

According to Taproot, the leading national advocate for pro bono service, pro bono has been a quiet partner in many of the key social movements in our nation’s last 75 years.  Taproot should know; the organization has long been an instrumental player in the pro bono movement.  Through award-winning programs, groundbreaking thought leadership and partnerships with companies to develop and scale corporate pro bono programs, Taproot works to engage the nation’s millions of business professionals in applying not just their time, but their skills, in the service of the nation’s nonprofit community.

As a part of its advocacy, Taproot is now the champion of Pro Bono Week, a global celebration of the pro bono ethic across all professions that use their talents to make a difference. Inspired by the American Bar Assocation’s National Celebration of Pro Bono, Taproot works with partners around the world to focus attention on the pro bono movement each year during the third week of October.

As companies are looking to engage employees in how their business gives back, they’re tapping into the skills and resources that are the core of the company. 

 Businesses have been paying a lot of attention lately to crafting employee engagement programs that reflect what employees care about and that can be seen as an employee benefit.  As a part of these programs, skills-based volunteering has become a central initiative for many companies, one which delivers high impact to employee and nonprofit alike.

Effective pro-bono initiatives...

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