A Plea for More Executives to Do Pro Bono Work

A Plea for More Executives to Do Pro Bono Work

By Patrick Proctor

Companies that give money, donate goods and set up workplace volunteerism programs exhibit wonderful forms of corporate philanthropy. The value of executives' giving their own time, however, cannot be equaled.

In Taking People With You, David Novak, the CEO of Yum Brands, wrote about the importance of executives' involving team members when embarking on new dynamic projects as well as fundraising for a cause. When customers and business associates see an executive taking seriously the act of giving back, this is also good for the company's mission, brand and workplace culture.

The 15-year-old Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy is a resource for CEOs who have a mission of societal improvement beyond profitable commerce. Per its website, the group is "committed to the vision of its founder, Paul Newman, who understood that corporations could be a force for good in society."

The hardest part might be simply getting started. Here are some questions an executive might pose, along with some answers:

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