Part 1: Not Your Mother's Cause Marketing

A video excerpt from a presentation by David Hessekiel, Founder & President of Cause Marketing Forum (CMF).

America's Charities recently hosted its 2012 Membership Assembly at Georgetown University, where several guest speakers shared their experiences, presented practical, innovative solutions concerning non-profit sustainability and offered successful approaches for non-profits and companies to better engage volunteers, donors and employees.  Everyone is calling for marketing and corporate iniatives that build a better world AND a better bottom line.  The big question is "How?"  David Hessekiel, one of this year's conference speakers, answers that question with 6 types of initiatives in this video segment, Part 1: Not Your Mother's Cause Marketing.  Check back later this week for Part 2 where David will share techniques and examples of how companies have actually put these 6 initiatives into practice.

David's single-minded concentration on cause marketing has quickly made David one of the field’s leading authorities, frequently quoted in leading publications such as The New York Times, USA Today, PROMO, Advertising Age, License! and PRWeek. A popular speaker, David has addressed nonprofit and business groups in the US and abroad and recently co-authored a book, Good Works!: Marketing and Corporate Initiatives that Build a Better World...and the Bottom Line, with Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee.