New Treatment Option For Marfan Syndrome

Connective Issues

The Winter issue of The Marfan Foundation's magazine, Connective Issues, is now available.

In this issue, The Marfan Foundation shares extensive research news, including the results of the Atenolol vs. Losartan in Marfan Syndrome clinical trial, conducted by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's (NHLBI) Pediatric Heart Network and supported by The Marfan Foundation.

The identification of TGF-beta as a possible factor contributing to the characteristics of Marfan syndrome in 2003 unlocked the doors to scientific discovery in Marfan syndrome.  The first and largest subsequent initiative was the atenolol vs losartan clinical trial.  It gave The Marfan Foundation the opportunity to partner with NHLBI, which saw the promise of this breakthrough in Marfan syndrome and was committed to the research.  

The atenolol vs losartan study has spawned multiple studies worldwide and, through The Marfan Foundation's robust research program, they are playing a leading role in advancing the science.

Read about this latest study, the upcoming March For Marfan, and more.

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