New Research: The Challenges and Solutions of Going Global

New Research: The Challenges and Solutions of Going Global

By Angela Parker

Several years ago, a corporate executive told Realized Worth he is tired of not being able to answer news outlets when they ask: What is your company doing with volunteer programs around the world? “I need to know what’s going on globally,” he told us. In 2007, LBG Associates and LBG Research Institute had anticipated this need and published Global Community Involvement, a research study that provided the first comprehensive look at companies taking their community involvement programs global. That study led companies to better questions and new solutions, so LBG Associates took the research one step further.

What Do We Do About it?

In July of 2014, LBG Associates and LBG Research Institute published Global Employee Engagement: Challenges and Solutions. This research looks beyond simply what’s going on globally and focuses on the particular challenges of global engagement and the solutions companies are using in the real world to overcome or minimize these challenges. To gather this information, LBG Associates interviewed 36 multinational companies and six service providers. They also gathered benchmarking data on the various employee engagement programs via online survey.

Global Engagement Challenges & Solutions

Realized Worth had the privilege of assisting LBG Associates in recruiting sponsors and participants for this research. We had high hopes for the results of the study and we’re excited to say, our expectations have been exceeded!

First, here are a few highlights:

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