New Book Reveals the Celebrity Connection to Wish Kids

Last year, 14,003 kids received a Make-A-Wish experience. More than 1,100 of those wishes involved a celebrity or athlete.

New Book Reveals the Celebrity Connection to Wish Kids

Think about that for a moment: A celebrity's schedule is packed. They are constantly in the public eye. Yet more than 1,100 gave some of the children we serve a gift beyond price: their time. Though I've been with Make-A-Wish since 2005, I'm always grateful and amazed by what celebrities do for wish kids.

Just a few weeks ago, I enjoyed reading a recently published book about celebrities who have transformed the lives of wish kids. Wish Granted: 25 Stories of Strength and Resilience from America’s Favorite Athletes focuses on athletes who grant wishes. It reminded me of what wish experiences mean not just to the children, but also to the athletes who grant them. The book provides the poignant backstory of the profound impact these individuals have had in the lives of thousands of wish kids. And likewise, the residual effect a wish experience has on everyone involved – including the athlete.

The aspect of Wish Granted that affected me most was the compassion and responsibility each of the athletes feel for every wish kid they met. You can tell that they care deeply about the child, the family and the wish experience. But they care not only because their generosity can make a difference in a child’s battle against their illness. They care, too, because the act of granting a wish infuses an incredible sense of perspective. 

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