Livestrong Forges On Amid Doping Case Against Its Founder

Livestrong FoundationFounded 15 years ago, Lance Armstrong's foundation - the Livestrong Foundation - is a national symbol in the fight against cancer, mostly because of Armstrong's inspiring story of beating the disease and going on to win the Tour de France seven consecutive times.  But, in light of formal accusations that the charity's famous benefactor cheated to become a champion cyclist, the Livestrong Foundation must deal with questions about how it can unglue itself from this public inquiry and maintain support to forge on with the organization's mission.

Despite the hit Livestrong took in June when USADA outlined its charges in a letter to Armstrong, putting his cycling titles at risk, more cancer survivors contacted the foundation for help in the first six month of 2012 than in any other similar period of any year and the number of donations this year is more than 20% ahead of the previous two years.

Click here to read USA Today's examination of the controversy's impact on the cancer survivor's charity and how Livestrong is forging on.

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