It's proven: non-profits thrive when they measure volunteer impact


By Josh Schukman

I’ve recently been digging into a report by volunteer software consultancy Software Advice and it has me totally hooked. The report is the product of a survey they conducted with 2,735 non-profit professionals around the globe, and it does a pretty awesome job of showing us how we non-profit leaders are fairing when it comes to measuring volunteer impact. The overall verdict? We’re not doing terribly well - despite the fact that volunteer impact stats are one of the most important pieces of info for donors, prospective volunteers, and community partners.

So, if it’s so important, why aren’t we doing it? Well - I think this graphic from the report illustrates that pretty nicely:

So wait...apart from that 6% claiming that it’s not important (who are those folks??), a massive percentage of respondents cited some kind of ‘lack’ as the reason they weren’t measuring volunteer impact…lack of time, knowledge, resources, tools, you name it…but the truth is, none of these reasons are strong enough reasons to not measure volunteer impact. We have to find a way to overcome our perceived lack. Here’s why...

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