If You Help Raise $20,000 Now, A Wider Circle Will Get $100,000 More!

Two volunteers carry a mattress

At a recent dinner with the Wider Circle team, Don Brown, who along with his wife, Ann, had donated $100,000 to help A Wider Circle obtain new beds for those we serve, stood up and said the following:  "You should not thank me.  I thank you.  You're the ones doing all the work."

The sincerity in his voice was moving.  A Wider Circle had just shared with Don and Ann that they had raised $50,000 to match their gift and were hopeful to raise the next $50,000 soon.  Don's next words put a hop in the A Wider Circle team's step.

"If you raise that next $50,000, we will give you $100,000 more."

In total, A Wider Circle stands to have $300,000 to purchase new beds for the people who come to them for help.

Since that dinner, A Wider Circle has raised nearly $30,000 toward the final $50,000.  Only $20,000 to go! 

As we have seen in nearly a decade and a half of service, beds are the marker for poverty as much as anything else.  It is harder to get a good bed than it is to get food, clothing, rental assistance... you name it.

Beds are what keep many young men off the street late at night; it is far easier to convince your child to come home when there is a bed in which he will be able to sleep instead of lying on the floor.  When you want your children to be inside at night, not having beds is a disincentive with dangerous repercussions.

Every commercial for beds speaks of how important it is to get a good night's rest.  All of them are right, and with $20,000, A Wider Circle will be able to take $300,000 to bed manufacturers and create a partnership that will bring thousands of beds to those in need.  As a woman recently said after A Wider Circle had provided her family with beds:

"This is a blessing. It will help me and my kids to get the rest we need to keep going in our lives - to strive for a better future."

Better futures.  Real change.  This is what the Browns have in mind as they make this incredible gift to A Wider Circle.  WiIl you join them? Help raise the final $20,000 so A Wider Circle can get the $100,000 more. Click here.