How to Tell Inspiring Stories About Employee Giving and Engagement

Guide: Exceptional Storytelling Made Easy

Companies and nonprofits that manage employee giving and volunteering programs are quite adept at the processes and practices that keep these programs humming.

Yet they often struggle to find and tell stories that show how the generosity of employees is making a difference.

Effective storytelling is a key ingredient of your marketing and communications efforts. And at a time when you can reach employees through myriad channels — from posters on bulletin boards to postings on Facebook — storytelling is becoming more important than ever.

Well-told stories can inspire employees to give for the first time, offer rewards for those who have already given and show customers and clients that your company is making a difference.

So how can your organization become more effective in its storytelling?

The process begins by knowing where to look.

Here are three easy places to find stories:

Your employees

You can start to identify employees who are taking part in your giving program, talk to them about why they give and how they feel, and tell their stories.


One powerful way to inspire your employees to give is to show them the impact of their donations. By working with the nonprofits that receive donations through your program, you can find stories that show that impact.


Federations like America’s Charities work directly with nonprofit members to collect and distribute stories, photos, dollar buy statements, and other content, to help employers engage and inspire employees through giving campaigns.

Looking for more advice on how to tell effective stories?

Check out America’s Charities' new guide — Exceptional Storytelling Made Easy: A How-To Guide for Corporate Giving and Employee Engagement Leaders.

In it, you’ll find practical advice that will help you find, present, and share stories that will inspire more of your employees to give and show your customers and clients how your company is making a difference.

Peter PanepentoPeter Panepento is principal of Panepento Strategies. He wrote Exceptional Storytelling Made Easy with editorial direction provided by America’s Charities’ team, Lindsay J.K. Nichols, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, and Sarah Ford, Marketing Manager, and designed by Idit Knaan.