How to Kick-start your Nonprofit’s Marketing Strategy

Does marketing stress you out?

Raise your hand if the thought of marketing overwhelms you! You’re not alone. In fact, the majority of our community shares this sentiment. When it comes to marketing your nonprofit it can be confusing to know where to start.

We caught up with one of our star Marketing pros, Kathy, who has completed 2 Catchafire Marketing Strategy projects. Kathy is the founder and CEO of Nsoma, an innovative company at the intersection of education and technology. She previously served as Executive Director of Product development at the NYC Department of Education. She is working to destigmatize nonprofit marketing so that we can easily integrate it into our workflow rather than fearing it.

“People think that marketing is a lot harder than it is. I think that we can change the way that nonprofits think about marketing and its importance. We can help nonprofits think about infusing marketing into their culture instead of thinking of it as a “chore.”

Kathy shared 4 initial ideas a nonprofit should think about when it comes to marketing their organization.

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