How Goodwill Helped Cherise Get Out of the Welfare to Work Program & Become Self-sufficient

Cherise Turner's story - Goodwill

Goodwill helped me get out of the Welfare to Work program and become self-sufficient by helping me train and providing the tools needed to apply for and obtain a job.

Over the past several years Goodwill has taught me work ethic and gave me opportunities to grow by allowing me to attend seminars, help out in the Job Connection center and learn new skills on a regular basis. I was introduced to key people in the organization who have been mentors to me.

As I continue to grow and learn, Goodwill keeps evolving and that helps me and others who want to reach their goals. I have obtained an associate degree in business, a bachelor’s degree in communications, and a master’s degree in psychology because of Goodwill’s tuition reimbursement for employees.

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