How Do You Get Employee Satisfaction from A Millennial?

Millennial working

By Ryan Scott

If you want to create a corporate culture that embraces Millennials (and you should), take a close look at the Six-Month Research Update to the 2014 Millennial Impact Report, the latest update to a five-year study conducted by Achieve, the research arm of Forte Interactive, and sponsored by The Case Foundation.

How do you engage Millennials in corporate volunteering and giving programs? And how does this sort of cause engagement relate to accepting a job and employee satisfactionAs I have written about previously, different generations approach volunteering differently, so cause engagement is not a one-size fits all proposition.

When Millennials are considering applying for a job, their top priority is what the company actually sells, produces, or distributes. But beyond compensation and benefits, what matters most to them is the company’s work culture, involvement with causes, office environment, and attention to diversity and HR standards.

Millennials who stay at their jobs for more than five years are passionate about their work. Another reason Millennials stay? The bonds with their co-workers and the belief in their company’s mission and purpose. Millennials want to volunteer together and feel connected through a shared passion for their company’s cause work, ideally through initiatives that help their surrounding community. Culture is everything; for Millennials, the company’s cause work must be integrated into its core mission.

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