How Corporate Philanthropy Helps Retain Millennials

Snapshot 2015 Report

America's Charities Snapshot 2015 ReportA recent survey conducted by America’s Charities reveals dramatic shifts in corporate philanthropy over the last two years with participating companies reporting that employees who have grown up as part of the networked and digital culture expect their workplace giving and volunteering experience to mirror what they have access to outside of the office.


America’s Charities is a nonprofit organization that assists employers and member nonprofit groups by providing strategic tools and resources to raise funds and facilitate employee engagement through workplace volunteerism and charitable giving. Snapshot 2015 is the third in a series of original research reports released by the organization.

Kim Young, America’s Charities vice-president of business development, says charitable giving at work is an engagement issue for organizations because employees expect companies they work for to give back to the community where they live and work. “Our data shows millennials expect employers to embed these values in their DNA,” she says.

One significant change over the last two years documented in the report is the uptick in companies moving beyond fall campaigns to year-around giving. In 2013, just over one-third of companies had moved from largely seasonal charity drives to continuous giving. Today that figure has almost doubled to 60%.

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