Home Outfitted Through Good360 Becomes First Renovated Home to Receive “Zero Energy Ready” Distinction


The Department of Energy recently recognized the energy efficiency of a retrofitted 60-year-old home in Garland, Texas, which Good360 helped outfit through a partnership with Texas-based nonprofit Green Extreme Homes CDC.

Thanks to donations from Home Depot, Good360 and Green Extreme Homes were able to supply the Garland home with an energy-efficient washer and dryer, as well as bathroom fixtures and flooring. The donations were made through the Framing Hope program, Good360’s partnership with Home Depot.

“The partnership with Good360 has enabled Green Extreme Homes the opportunity to provide substantial upgrades to our rehabs,” said Jean Brown, Executive Director of Green Extreme Homes.
“The clients we serve have the least amount of expendable income so providing an energy efficient home sets these families up for success. We are so grateful to Good360 and Framing Hope!”

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