Help Good Neighbors Provide Light to 25 homes in Nueva Oasis Through Project BrightLights

Imagine going home every day to darkness. The residents of Nueva Oasis, a village in La Fragua, Guatemala are day laborers, working on farms and fields, and the average income is less than $3/day.  After working 14-hour days, they head back to their families and to homes lit by a single taper candles, because in villages throughout La Fragua, they lack the most basic things, such as running water, electricity, or access to any power grids. 

When the sun sets, even the simplest of daily activities become difficult to take care of, because there is no light or access to power.  

Through Project BrightLights, Good Neighbors' goal is to provide each of the 25 homes in Nueva Oasis a solar lightbulb kit, which will illuminate their space and dramatically improve their daily lives, allowing families to enjoy a bright, comfortable home. But most importantly, we hope to provide the families with a basic necessity that everyone has the right to--LIGHT. 

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