Getting a Return on Investment Through Corporate Giving



Businesses receive numerous requests each month to make donations to non-profit organizations and these requests increase during the holiday season. These donations are a necessity to help support the work of non-profit organizations and ultimately help build a stronger community.

Currently in Southern Nevada, there are 275,000 children, seniors and families who live in poverty; 36 percent of them are children under the age of 18. The quality of life for the community is made better because of the services non-profits provide, which ensure basic human needs are being met, that arts and culture are vibrant, healthcare and education are accessible and the environment is being protected.

For example, a third grader affected by the recent economic downturn now faces a lack of food supply at home. The mother has lost her job and is without food on the weekends when her children are not at school. To help his family, the third grader took a cardboard box to school filled with toys, turned it upside down and placed the toys on top of the box. As school began, he was trying to sell his toys for cash until the principal put a stop to it and enrolled the child and his family in the types of services that non-profits provide. The non-profit was able to provide services to the third grader and his family because of philanthropy. When philanthropy is done well, multiple parties benefit. The donor experiences the great feeling that comes from giving, the non-profit receives much needed funds to operate and the client receives help and hope.

Charitable giving not only helps create a more vibrant and healthy community, but it provides a benefit to donors in the form of a “return on investment,” similar to how an individual might receive a strategic return from their personal financial investments.

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