Get Naked! You Just Might Save Your Life

Get Naked! You Just Might Save Your Life

Did you know that nearly 80,000 people will be diagnosed with melanoma this year? That's the equivalent of the entire population of Somerville, Massachusetts. Or Troy, Michigan. Or Buena Park, California. Imagine - an entire town: mothers, fathers, children, teens, friends and lovers - all diagnosed with the deadliest form of skin cancer. 

Melanoma can be deadly. But if you catch it early - before it spreads - it can be treated. How can you do that, you ask? Read on.

Check your skin - regularly.

Research has shown that patients, not doctors, are most likely to spot melanoma because they are most familiar with changes on their own skin. In fact, more than half of all melanomas are detected by everyday people - just by paying attention to their or their loved ones' skin. Get naked in front of the mirror and take a closer look at your skin. Learn how to perform a skin self-exam - and if you see something funny or different, make an appointment with a dermatologist. 

Talk to others.

Don't be afraid to ask about a mole you're not sure about. Ask your spouse, your partner, a friend or family member to help you keep track of suspicious moles and check hard-to-see places. Don't be shy - melanoma isn't, and it doesn't discriminate. Melanoma can develop on anyone - no matter their age, gender or race. 

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