A Gender Lens For Giving: Women In Philanthropy Urged To Invest More In Women And Girls

All In for Her

By Tom Watson

Women in philanthropy can – and should – commit far greater resources to advancing the cause of women and girls in the world: that’s the tough message of an extensive new report released today by the organization Women Moving MillionsAll In For Her: A Call To Action puts a direct request before the women it says have the capacity to give $1 trillion a year globally: apply an explicit gender lens to charitable giving.

Putting that money to work to empower women and girls, the report argues, is “key to solving the world’s greatest problems; including poverty, climate change and conflict.” And women with access to family fortunes, foundation resources, and the corporate purse can close a gap that sees only 7% of all philanthropic dollars invested specifically in programs for girls and women.

The numbers are there, according to the research: 

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