February is Cancer Prevention Month

February is Cancer Prevention Month

Research shows that up to 50% of cancer cases and about 50% of cancer deaths are preventable with the knowledge we have today. In fact, individuals can reduce their cancer risk with some simple lifestyle changes, such as these seven steps to prevent cancer shared by Prevent Cancer Foundation.

You can make a significant difference in helping prevent cancer by donating through workplace giving to the charities listed below. Don't have a program? Click here to have your employer contact our team about bring employee giving to your workplace. 

In recognition of Cancer Prevention Month, which takes place in February each year, join us by supporting and raising awareness about these nonprofits who are:

  • Working to advance research to prevent cancer
  • Educating people about how they can prevent cancer and detect it early
  • Engaging lawmakers and regulators through advocacy to promote the enactment of laws and regulations that support cancer prevention and research

Click on each charity listed here to learn more about what they are doing to prevent cancer: