Exciting Time for DoSomething.org as Aria Finger Prepares to Takeover as CEO

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Have you read about DoSomething.org CEO, Nancy Lublin's decision to leave the organization in October? America's Charities congratulates Nancy on the tremendous accomplishments and impact she's had at DoSomething. We also are excited to hear Aria Finger will be stepping up as CEO. She will do a fantastic job taking over from Nancy and in continuing DoSomething.org's mission! 

Read more details about this transition as published by Philanthropy.com and on DoSomething.org's website.

After 12 years as chief executive of the youth volunteerism charity DoSomething.orgNancy Lublinannounced Tuesday that she is stepping down to take the helm at Crisis Text Line, a nonprofit she founded in 2013 to provide counseling through text messages.

"I’m a social entrepreneur: I like figuring out puzzles. I like building things," Ms. Lublin said. "We’re in great shape, so it’s time for me to go. I’m not one of the CEOs who wants to hang out and coast and take lots of vacations and enjoy the view from the top of the mountain. I really like the climb."

DoSomething.org appointed Aria Finger to take over as DoSomething.org chief executive at the end of October 2015. Ms. Finger currently serves as the organization’s chief operating officer and president of TMI, a strategy agency DoSomething.org created that offers consulting services to companies and nonprofits trying to reach young people.

"I have worked at DoSomething.org for the past 10 years, working directly with Nancy, and it has been such an incredible experience," Ms. Finger said. "People talk about Nancy’s brilliance, but really her best quality is her thoughtfulness and her generosity of spirit."

When Ms. Lublin joined DoSomething.org in 2003 after founding and building Dress for Success, the nonprofit was in bad shape. It was $250,000 in debt and had recently laid off most of its employees. Now it has 3.6 million members and 200 campaigns, and its 2014 revenue was $24 million.

"I can’t think of another not-for-profit that’s had such a strong second life," she said.

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