Children’s National's Kid-Friendly Approach to Imaging

Children’s National's Kid-Friendly  Approach to Imaging

Source: Children's National

The staff at Children’s National Imaging in Rockville know getting an MRI can be scary, which is why they use state-of-the-art equipment to ease the process and provide quality care that makes it safer for even the smallest and youngest patients undergoing sedation for imaging.

Children respond differently to anesthesia than adults so Children’s National Imaging’s latest low-dose technology ensures optimal utilization of modern imaging techniques. The technology also allows for faster scans while still generating high quality, detailed images, so children do not need to sit still for as long.

At Children’s National Imaging, we also want to make the child’s experience an adventure with procedure rooms decorated using GE’s Adventure Series™. The rooms are designed to feel like an underwater adventure in a yellow submarine or a carefree day floating in a boat, helping to put children and families at ease and provide a sense of comfort and fun, along with opportunities for distraction, if needed. 

“When the kids smile, it makes me smile,” said Children’s National Imaging manager Rosemarie Cloughley-Plessinger RN, BSN, CPN. 

This unique environmental design leads to safer and more efficient procedures and less stress for the patient and families.

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