Charting Your Employee Volunteer Program Roadmap

Road Map with Push-pin

By Ryan Scott

The recession forced Corporate America to do more with less. As such, new innovations in employee volunteering developed out of necessity, and the result has been a flowering of fresh ways to engage employees and communities that are here to stay.

As more companies have prioritized corporate volunteering and brought this spirit of innovation to their programs, they have seen the results: improvements in recruiting and retention, employee satisfaction, leadership and skill development, brand value, innovation, community relationships, and more.

The Points of Light Institute, a beacon of insight amidst the wild sea of volunteering, has researched the best practices that they have seen in corporate volunteerism over the past few years. If you’re involved with employee volunteering in any way, you’ll want to read what they have to say about the blueprint for volunteering success.

I encourage you to read Points of Light’s excellent comprehensive report, which provides specific action steps and metrics to consider. For now, here are the report’s highlights about the different stages of creating a successful employee volunteer program:

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