CAP’s President and Disaster Relief Team Help in Alabama

Christian Appalachian Project’s Disaster Relief Team has been in Marshall County, Alabama the past two weeks working to clear debris and repair homes from the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the state on April 27. The hours spent to quickly respond to the vast number of families in need totaled 6,764 hours over these 14 days. President Guy Adams joined the team in offering support to the tornado victims. He and the Disaster Relief Team were able to offer relief to 47 families. These 47 families are now in a better position to continue to rebuild their life after such destruction. The needs of each family were great. Each home required many hours of debris removal and often roof repair and window replacement. Several of the families did not have insurance and professional contractors were offering their services for between $30,000 to $75,000.

The destruction wasn’t just isolated to Marshall County. Our disaster crew received four other requests for help. Two additional counties in Alabama called as well as one from Ohio and one from southwestern Kentucky. Storms took quite a toll on the region. We organized donated supplies to be sent to disaster areas while our hands-on labor took place in Alabama. We put to use our entire fleet—trailers, backhoes, tractors, trucks, vans, cars, semis, and buses. And even with all this, the ruin is still great. Once the last piece of debris is cleared, the process is still not over. The residents of this region have much to rebuild—their entire lives.

The County Emergency Manager said she received numerous phone calls from people we had assisted complimenting and thanking us for all we had done. And we thank you so greatly for your support. As our President Guy Adams expressed in our disaster relief video footage, “We are blessed to have many, many supporters across this country who believe in our mission and who give sacrificially often to help us be the hands and feet of God helping folks in need in Appalachia.”

Watch video of their efforts