The Business Of Doing Good: How Millennials Are Changing The Corporate Sector

The Business Of Doing Good: How Millennials Are Changing The Corporate Sector

By Jean Case

The Millennials are coming… to an office near you. Over the course of the next decade we will bear witness to one of the largest demographic shifts in the workplace in modern history. By the year 2025 Millennials (born between 1979 and 1999) will come to fuel approximately 75% of the US workforce, and worldwide this generation will account for 50% of those employed. To put that into context, there are 80 million Millennials today, of which approximately 45 million are employed. That’s 45 million voices, opinions and needs already sparking a new movement for change in the workplace.

Millennials currently represent close to two-thirds of our team at the Case Foundation, and for good reason. It is with purposeful intent that I look to bring forward great talent from this generation, because simply put, they are poised to transform the social sector.

Many in this generation are known for being well-educated, entrepreneurial, tech savvy and idealistic. They take risks, are bold and want to change the world. Unlike past generations, they want to make their passions, inspirations and desire to do good part of their identity—and part of their work. The lines between personal passions and professional engagements are already rapidly disappearing. As a result, this commitment to doing good in the workplace is quickly becoming the new norm that will define the generation.

In other words, Millennials are driving a fundamental change the way we think about corporate culture and what we see as the potential for impact in the social sector by both companies and employees. 

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