Bridging the Big Data Resource Gap at Nonprofits

Nonprofit Data Management

“Having incomplete data doesn’t mean you need to get more data.” - Kathy Howrigan, Consultant at Marts and Lundy

How can nonprofit organizations with limited resources squeeze the most from their data? Turns out, it’s all about getting better, not bigger. Numbers are important, but what's critical is cutting through the noise to find the data science tools and processes that best serve the specific goals of your organization.

In a new white paper, RelSci’s Josh Mait argues that nonprofits must first realize that big data analysis is necessary only as far as it helps drive overall organizational goals. Orgs facing a resource gap can and should limit their data analysis to whatever drives Strategy X (engagement, fundraising, communications, etc.). Mait then outlines three steps nonprofits can employ to help bridge that data resource gap.

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