Turn Your Employee Engagement Failures into 2017 Success Stories!

Employee Engagement & CSR Success Case Study

Have you worked on a project or program that simply did not turn out the way you planned? The New Year signifies new beginnings. This can mean a new beginning to old methods, a new perspective, even a new way of thinking. One program that many employers are adopting in 2017, or should consider adopting, is a strategically focused and effective employee engagement program.

It is no secret that nearly 70% of US employees do not feel engaged at work. There are multiple reasons for this startling rate, and this remains a pain point for many professionals that are charged with devising new and improved ways to engage employees in 2017. 

Recent research conducted by America’s Charities and our partners in Snapshot 2015 – The New Corporate DNA: Where Employee Engagement and Social Impact Converge, explains:

 “Effective engagement programs are beneficial to all key stakeholders, including the company, employees, customers, and nonprofit organizations. In fact, engagement has become a central feature in employee recruitment and retention strategies. Furthermore, companies recognize they must also meet rising expectations of their employee and customers.”

A growing number of companies have implemented employee engagement programs, but do so with a limited budget and with high expectations for one or two personnel to oversee the program without an expert partner to help with the strategy, planning and implementation of the program. This typically results in employee engagement programs falling victim to multiple failures. America’s Charities Snapshot 2013, ’14 and ’15 reports indicate most failures are due to not having the proper tools, support and partnerships to help build a successful program. With some small adjustments and expert guidance, you can turn your employee engagement program failures into successes in 2017.

For example, consider the following cases (click here for PDF):

Employee Engagement and Workplace Giving


Failures Are Opportunities for Success


All three of these attempts to engage employees failed. Maybe your program has fallen victim to similar situations. With the right tools and partners, your team can use past failures to drive successful employee engagement programs in 2017.


Learn how to turn your 2016 failures into 2017 successes by downloading a copy of Snapshot 2015. In the report you will find comprehensive research that takes the pulse of the nation’s workplace-centered philanthropy and gives leaders insight into trends that are shaping employee engagement programs from top to bottom.


Give your 2017 employee engagement initiative a fresh start and contact our team for assistance with your strategic planning. In addition to providing workplace giving and employee engagement solutions, we also work closely with companies by providing social responsibility and employee engagement strategy development, CSR goals evaluation and assessment, survey design and implementation, benchmarking, analysis and alignment of company programs, and nonprofit partnership development.