How Feed the Children is feeding bodies, minds and futures

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Feed the Children through Workplace Giving CFC

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What does Feed the Children do?

This can be best explained using the word FEED-

  • FOOD for hungry children
  • EDUCATION to help break the cycle of hunger and poverty
  • ESSENTIALS for living, such as personal-care products and household supplies
  • DISASTER relief for families in crisis after natural and man-made disasters strike 

Hunger directly strikes families and children not only in the United States, but also around the world.  Hunger also strikes some indirectly, making them aware of the daily struggle their family, friends, neighbors and others may face. No one wants to see a child suffer from anything, especially hunger. 

If these concerns are not dealt with, the results are damaging. First, if children and families are not fed properly, they will continue to experience all the tough effects of malnutrition.  Second, without sufficient education, children become adults who continue to live in poverty, which results in more hunger, illness and sometimes crime. Third, when families don’t receive the essentials of living, they are unable to maintain proper hygiene, which brings all the ramifications that will result from that condition. And finally, without disaster relief, fewer people will receive the help they so critically need.

Feed the Children has benefited from the support of many corporations across the country. The care and concern expressed by so many has helped us to feed bodies, minds and futures. Each $1 you send will be stretched to have the impact of $5! Thank you from the families we serve together. 

Our thanks to Feed the Children for sharing their mission and impact with us.  You can learn more about their work by visiting their website at To support their efforts, please donate to Feed the Children through your company's workplace giving program (CFC#10986 if you're a military or federal employee participating in the Combined Federal Campaign). 

If your company would like to start a workplace giving program to support nonprofits like Feed the Children, click here. We have a portfolio of solutions designed to help large and small organizations give back to the causes they care about.

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