Ben's Chili Bowl Comes to the Rescue to Help Miriam's Kitchen Guests

Miriam's Kitchen

It's been a challenging week for many people in the D.C. region, including America's Charities member, Miriam’s Kitchen.  Between Tuesday’s city-wide power outage, and Wednesday's water outage, Miriam's Kitchen has been up against some tough hurdles.  

But thanks to Ben’s Chili Bowl, guests at Miriam's Kitchen enjoyed a delicious dinner of their famous half smokes last night.  And since the lights were out, they tried something new - "case management a la carte." Miriam's Kitchen's social workers set up tables outside since their dining room lights were out.  They tried to be creative as possible!  One of their guests said, 

“I was so cold sitting outside the whole day, but the food made everything so much better.”

This is just one of many great examples of the wonderful community partners who are always by Miriam's Kitchen's side making sure guests have what they need.  

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