Are You Pleased With Your Company's Giving Results?

Source: Forbes

By Ryan Scott

By Ryan Scott

The holidays are a distant memory now, and for many companies, so is their annual giving campaign.  As you say “sayonara” to 2013, are you pleased with your company’s giving results?

Whether you’re patting yourself on the back or striving to do better, now’s a great time to assess some eye-opening statistics about corporate giving.

A 2013 report about the increasing importance of workplace giving programs and the best way to manage these programs found that corporate giving is no longer just about giving.  It’s about creating fully integrated opportunities to engage employees.

The report, “Snapshot: Trends and Strategies to Engage Employees in Greater Giving,” points towards a pronounced sea change in corporate giving, a vital channel for nonprofits that raises $3 billion every year.  Giving is also an increasingly important tool for employee engagement, one that workers (especially Millennials) have come to not only expect, but expect to be administered with creativity and advanced technology.

That’s why, as the report notes, businesses are no longer wondering if they should offer an employee giving program, but rather, how they can maximize their efforts through corporate giving.