"Any Cause, Anytime, Anywhere" - That's What DoSomething.org's New Website Delivers

"Any Cause, Anytime, Anywhere" - That's What DoSomething.org's New Website Delivers

Have you visited the DoSomething.org website recently?  They just launche a new website design and here's what their CEO, Nancy Lublin, had to say about it in an email announcement this week:

Hey. We’ve changed. And, we thought we ought to let you know. Things are different now. Maybe you’ve noticed? Its not you, its us. Well, actually it WAS you. You wanted more from us, and we think you deserve it.

Our promise to you is simple: Any cause, anytime, anywhere. *mic drop.

We’re still the same DoSomething.org you fell in love with. We’re just going to be a new and improved us. And, we think you will love us even more.

To make us even better, we’ve made three big changes.

1. We had a makeover. We just look cleaner. See the 4 clear steps to each campaign? Note all the original photography? (We literally hired models and did our own shoots in 4 locations around the country.) We think the site is pretty darn gorgeous now. Like, if we were on Tinder, you’d swipe right.

We’re re-launching today with Comeback Clothes as our top Staff Pick. (Recycle those un-usable stained clothes!) See how simple the layout is? How easy it is sign up and report back with photos? EVERY campaign will follow this gorgeous template.

2. What we’re offering you. Last year, we ran 26 campaigns. There are 65 live campaigns on the site right now. (Thats more campaigns than we ran the last 3 years...combined.) Drumroll.....We expect to tackle about 250 campaigns this year.(!) Why the heck would we grow this much? Because you want to make the world suck less--and we want to help you do it. When you walk down the street and see something that pisses you off, you want to find a campaign, something you can DO immediately. Now you can search dosomething.org by cause, how much time you have, or what type of action you want to take...and you can microwave it. (The metaphor? Old school change uses a slow gas stove; we nuke things.)

Oh. And if we don’t have the perfect campaign for you, we’re totally cool with you making us better. We’re listeners. So, this Summer we’ll be opening up for user generated campaigns.

3. We’re better on the inside. How? We’re faster. (Site load time was 6 seconds, now its 2.4 seconds.) We’re responsive. Look at us on an iPad mini or a big Lenovo screen or a any phone. Size doesn’t matter. We always look good.

We worked hard on ourself for several months. We’re pretty darn proud of the place we’re in now. And, we promise to only get better. Look for 8 international DoSomething.org affiliates to launch campaigns on this platform in the next few weeks and our mobile app will get a makeover this Summer.

Got other suggestions for improvement? Tell us. We’re listening.

P.S. And, oh hey, if you want to share the site with friends (especially young friends or old rich friends), go for it. Spread the word. Send everyone to DoSomething.org