6 Reasons You Need To Up the Budget For Your CSR Program

Volunteer Engagement

It’s that time of year when CSR budgets are being drawn for the year, and the unfortunate reality is that many companies will come up short. 

While investing in corporate philanthropy - particularly employee-centered programs like volunteering and giving - are vital to remaining competitive in a business world that increasingly prioritizes good corporate citizenship, too many businesses still undervalue the bottom-line benefits of these programs. Executives who dismiss the importance of employee volunteer and giving programs shrug them off as “nice to have” charity cases (literally), more useful for nonprofit recipients than the corporate doers and donors. What they don’t realize is the direct connection between employee volunteering and giving and a host of tangible business benefits that include employee engagement, retention, recruitment, skills-growth, leadership training and team-building.

There’s not enough space in one blog to address each benefit one by one, but let’s talk about

the connection between employee volunteering and employee engagement for starters.

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