5 Ways to Summerize Workplace Philanthropy

5 Ways to Summerize Workplace Philanthropy

By Ryan Scott

It’s not just your imagination: summer is getting in the way of getting things done at work.  To the tune of a 20 percent drop in workplace productivity, according to a Captivate Network study, with projects taking 13 percent longer to complete and workers becoming a whopping 45 percent more distracted.

Holy guacamole! (Preferably served poolside, with extra chips, thank you).  Should we all just surrender to the sunshine and rendezvous back in September?

If only.  But how to corral all those wandering minds and keep them focused on work during the lazy days of summer?  

Simple: ratchet up the engagement opportunities related to the larger purpose of their work.  Now’s the time to get extra creative with your corporate philanthropy and generate volunteering opportunities that are as intriguing as any tropical vacation (and far more rewarding).

Here’s some food for thought:

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