5 Keys to Attracting and Keeping Socially-Mindful Employees

Key to attracting and retaining employees

According to a survey of nearly 1,600 United States employees by America’s Charities, companies that build effective workplace giving and volunteering programs have a significant leg up when it comes to attracting talent.

America’s Charities’ employee research found nearly 6 in 10 workplace donors want to work for companies where the culture supports giving and volunteering.

That’s a significant number, and it shows that today’s employees are placing a high value on charitable opportunities in the workplace.

However, while a growing number of employers are providing these opportunities, it’s not enough to simply set up a giving program or organize employee volunteer outings. Socially minded employees are looking for companies that embed giving in their culture — and that offer them meaningful opportunities to make a difference.

What can your company do to ensure that it’s creating an employee engagement program that truly connects with your employees?

America's Charities Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Lindsay J.K. Nichols, outlines five key objectives companies should focus on in a guest blog post published on Media Planet. Click here to read it.