12-Year-Old Has Her Goals Set High: To Change the World


When soft-spoken 12-year-old Rania Gadnis tells you she plans to be a neurosurgeon someday and also wants to found a group of international schools for poor women, it carries more weight than would another child’s announcement about being a cowboy or a basketball player. Instead, you find yourself nodding and thinking, “I can see that happening.”

Rania perhaps has a more global outlook than many her age. Her father, Ashish, is from India and her mother, Sandra, from Colombia. As a family, the Gadnis’ have traveled widely—“11 countries so far,” Rania said with a grin—and have worked on a variety of philanthropic and business-related efforts around the world. 

It was this fertile background that inspired Rania to create a brand-new job title and organization at JA BizTown Summer Camp, a business simulation program she has attended twice.

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