“Wow Factor of Workplace Giving Programs” Step #1: Assess Your Company & Explore Your Options

Are you thinking about implementing or revitalizing your workplace giving program?  Take a step back for a moment and assess your company.  What is it your company wants to achieve through workplace giving?  What interests your employees?  If you already have a program, what is it you want to change and what aspect of your existing program fails to support that change? 

When you compare what your company wants with what your employees want, you will most likely see an overlap of common interests.  Use those common interests to your company’s advantage.  The success of your workplace giving program relies on employee engagement.  Build your workplace giving program using those common interests as the foundation.  Although each company will see its own unique set of overlapping interests, within that overlap, you will likely see three factors, which we believe are key to delivering successful workplace giving program results.

3 key factors for a successful program: 

(We will discuss, in greater detail, how to achieve these factors in the next blog posts.)
A. More options
B. Trust
C. More involvement

Explore Your Options:

Once you have assessed your company’s and employees’ interests explore your options.  A lot has changed over the last few decades.  You have options when it comes to workplace giving now, so it is important that you know about and understand the differences between each type of program.  Take a look at the three types of programs and their primary differences in the chart to the right. What type of program do you currently have?  Based on your overlapping company and employee interests, which type of program makes the most sense for your company?

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of programs available and have a better grasp of what’s important to your company and to your employees, it is time to take a deeper look at the 3 key factors we touched on earlier - more options, trust, and more involvement.

Next week, we will start examining these factors and discuss how to successfully implement and revitalize your workplace giving program using them.

Steve Delfin

Steve's BlogSteve has 30 years of experience working in and with major national and international not-for-profit organizations and socially-responsible international corporations, including a long history of engagement with and leadership around workplace giving and employee volunteerism programs.