Indiana University Seeks a Pro Bono Client for its Public Relations Course; Nonprofit to Receive Comprehensive, Tailored, Data-Driven Strategies

Do you need a public relations (PR) plan but have little budget or bandwidth at your disposal? Is your existing PR strategy old or outdated? Do you want to know which PR trends are best suited for your organization? Do you wish you had more time or resources to make data-driven decisions about your communications and branding efforts? Do you want to have a library of forward-thinking ideas at hand, ready to implement if the opportunity arises?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then this announcement is for you: The Media School at Indiana University (IU) is seeking a pro bono client for its Fall 2021 “Public Relations Campaigns” class, a senior-level capstone course.

The class is led by Professor Dave Groobert, a former PR industry executive from Washington, D.C., with extensive experience working with nonprofit and cause-related organizations. His students divide into groups and develop a year-long PR plan exclusively for your nonprofit, tailored to meet your needs and achieve your goals. The class will start with an extensive research phase to better understand your mission, needs, and stakeholder groups, followed by in-depth strategy and tactics development. Towards the end of the term, each team will present its comprehensive PR plan to you via Zoom. You’ll walk away with two to four extensive, strategic, creative PR plans, complete with a recommended budget, timeline, and evaluation metrics, which you will then own and can then implement as you see fit.

Previous PR Campaigns clients include the Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana Donor Network, Safe Kids, the American Red Cross, and more. The nonprofit does not need to be based in Indiana, but those with programs or services in Indiana are preferred.

If interested, please email and we will connect you with Professor Groobert to discuss next steps.