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$100 helps Rebuilding Together Alexandria provide 3 gallons of paint, two rollers and pans, and brushes for two rooms.

Rebuilding Together Alexandria

Rebuilding Together Alexandria envisions Alexandria as a vibrant city with income, social, cultural, and generational diversity. Such successful and vibrant mixed-income communities need affordable housing, and the region’s largely built environment makes affordable development and/or redevelopment both challenging and expensive.  Although the Washington DC area is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country, housing affordability is still critical as housing and related costs have outstripped household income growth for low and middle-income residents. Rebuilding Together is committed to creating and preserving housing affordability for low-income homeowners and revitalizing their communities.

We achieve greater City well-being by bringing volunteers and resources together to improve the homes and lives of those in need, including elderly, disabled, veterans, and families. Since 1986, 24,000 volunteers have worked on 2,000 projects, leveraging $7 million worth of in-kind value. 

With the help of everyday citizen volunteers, skilled tradespeople and the support of funding partners, we keep low-income residents stably housed. With stable housing conditions, we hope these vulnerable citizens remain active and engaged members of their local neighborhood for many years to come, creating a safe, vibrant, and healthy community.

The goal of our work is to ensure that individuals and families in need live in safe and healthy homes. Rebuilding Together uses $.90 of every $1.00 donated to provide home repairs and modifications for our clients. Through our large network of volunteers, we serve the needs of low-income residents in the City with these programs: 

  • Our Safe and Healthy Home program focuses on stabilizing 25 items that the National Center for Healthy Housing found to drastically improve living conditions for a home’s residents, with a particular focus on low-income persons living in older and/or substandard housing who are disproportionately affected by home hazards. 
  • Our Community Strong program provides improvements to a variety of common spaces used by thousands of Alexandria residents. From schools and community parks, to senior centers and homeless shelters, we partner with other organizations to upgrade these critical resources.  
  • A Home of Your Own provides first-time, low-income buyers with an opportunity to become homeowners. We acquire foreclosed properties, renovate them, and sell the units to low- and moderate-income buyers.  The homes are rehabbed by our volunteers and discounted skilled trades, then sold to an income-qualifying home buyer with greatly discounted and subsidized funding (mostly through our partnership with the City). 

When individuals and families have access to housing they can afford, they put down roots, which then enhances community stability and fosters more socially, culturally, and economically diverse neighborhoods throughout Alexandria.

During our 30 years, Rebuilding Together has positively impacted the overall quality of life for residents in many ways including maintaining housing affordability, creating affordable housing options, revitalizing communities, and stabilizing low-income areas by eliminating blight in many neighborhoods.  As a direct result of providing a broad range of free home repairs and modifications to in-need homeowners, long-time residents of the City are able to age in place in safe and healthy homes and families with children can maintain their housing stock.